And The Word Of The Year In 2018 Is...

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

Each year the Oxford Dictionary chooses a word that reflects the mood and ethos of the last year. This year's chosen word, was a word used, referenced, and searched 45% higher than the previous year. And the word was "toxic." Yep, toxic. It seems we think many things are toxic. Chemicals. Gases. Environment. Waste. Algae. Air. But most notable on the list of toxic things were "toxic masculinity" and "toxic relationships." Could it be that our toxicity is driving a search for health that might tell us what we want which is - better men and better relationships? God is clear that toxicity is not a derivative of his character but a consequence of "bad company." Perhaps a goal for this next year could be spending time with less toxic men and in less toxic relationships so that we will "not be deceived."

DO THIS: Refuse to be corrupted by toxicity.

PRAYER: God, there are relationships in my life that are toxic. They think, say, and do toxic things. And over the year rather than influence them I am noticing that they are affecting me. God as this year comes to a close I want to commit to spending time with healthy men and in healthy relationships so that when I am exposed to toxic people, I will feel empowered to influence them rather than allowing them to have a negative influence on me.


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