You Are A Testimony Of His Grace


Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to visit Cephas and remained with him fifteen days. But I saw none of the other apostles except James the Lord's brother. (In what I am writing to you, before God, I do not lie!) Then I went into the regions of Syria and Cilicia. And I was still unknown in person to the churches of Judea that are in Christ. They only were hearing it said, “He who used to persecute us is now preaching the faith he once tried to destroy.” And they glorified God because of me. — Galatians 1:18-24

Sometimes when people see me, all they see is my natural self. They default to noticing my natural speaking, writing, or leading abilities. Because of this, people miss a huge part of what makes me — me. Here's an example. Today I conversed with a guy at a local breakfast bar who asked me what I do for a living. I told him what I do with men, and he was immediately interested in the skill, education, and training that led to my work. I tried to explain my training while illustrating the spiritual purpose of my gifts. But he couldn't get beyond the skills I had honed over the years. I realized that all he saw was a very natural man, and thus he missed the supernatural part of me (which is a big part of who I am).

I think this same thing is happening with Paul. Some of the believers in Galatia perceived Paul to be an educated Jew who was now a re-educated Christian. Essentially he had become a follower of Jesus by his means through the teaching of men like Peter and James. But Paul is debunking that. He wants them to see that he spent no time being trained by men and a lot of time being taught by Jesus in the Arabian desert. And he does this because he wants them to see Jesus and not just him. Yet he has to work pretty hard because it's easier for them to see a natural man and a natural process. Grace is hard to see. But Paul will work hard at it because he knows if they can unlearn this natural understanding that they will unlearn legalism, and he hopes they will learn about God's grace that leads to spiritual life. Not a life lived by a natural ability built on human training, skill, and preparation. But rather a life given by God, empowered by grace, that redeems a man's gifts, abilities, and talents and uses them for a supernatural effort.

Today I want you to ponder how God's grace is daily redeeming your gifts, abilities, and talents for his purposes. Then I want you to praise God for this by sharing how God does this in the comments below. I am sure it will be a moment of praise for you, but it might also stir up someone to live in his grace today. Just like Paul is trying to do for the believers in Galatia.

ASK THIS: How is God's grace working through your natural skills, abilities, and talents?

DO THIS: Share it below.

PRAY THIS: God, may I lean on your grace and see your grace working through me today!

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32 thoughts on “You Are A Testimony Of His Grace

  1. John Alderfer says:

    We have been given the ability by Gods grace to reach out to someone today . Who will that next person be ? Where will my steps lead today ?

  2. David Josker says:

    God’s grace has allowed me to have a wonderful life with a wonderful family. I have had the opportunity to coach and mentor many young men and I hope they all learned that we have all that we have because of God’s love, mercy and grace.

  3. Robert Morgan says:

    I’m involved in our church committees, adult sunday school, mens bible study. Have been on youth mission trips, these trips were as much a blessing to me as they were to the youth.lets an old guy get a glimpse of the world through them.

  4. Bryce says:

    Good question Vince that I think we often shy away from because we don’t want to sound proud which then limits us from showing God’s grace!

    For me, I see how God has used my natural abilities and the enjoyment of working and communicating with people to give me the privilege of meeting with other men, building relationships and opening the door for spiritual conversations. That only happens because of His grace!

  5. Alexander Riddle says:

    Praying for grace for Lily, Makayla and I. Lord, please help reconcile my relationship with Lily( my wife).

  6. Mark A. says:

    I used to be a newspaper editor coaching young reporters how to hold authorities accountable and preserve the public’s right to know. Now in retirement, I spend much of my time helping elderly or disabled neighbors and running errands for them. It seems like humble work, but I like to think I am still useful for Kingdom purposes.

  7. Robert Miranda says:

    How is God’s grace is daily redeeming your gifts, abilities, and talents for his purposes….?
    Our pastor has moved. And now i have the privilege of sharing the word on 5th n 19th June.
    Will be speaking on Sin n Rebellion…..
    Also Supernatural Evil vs Human inclination to evil.
    Keep me in your prayers please that i may deliver what the Spirit is saying to the church.
    And God’s grace. 🙏🏻🙌

  8. Jim T says:

    Father God, I thank you for the grace you pour into me each and every day that allows and enables me to serve others and lead by example in pointing to you as the source of my energy and enthusiasm. I can’t do it without you, and with you all things are possible.

  9. Robert Anthony says:

    God has given me the ability to be able to be an influence to others and to share his beauty all though I’m not all the way there yet he is teaching me everyday ✝️❤️ I’d appreciate some prayer to really fully step out and get to work more then I have been !

  10. Michael Kilman says:

    As a recovering addict but not to just drugs but also crime (Jail and Prisons) when I tried to clean up on my own it never worked but with gods grace Ive been clean 14 yrs. Now!

    • Mark A. says:

      I used to be a newspaper editor coaching young reporters how to hold authorities accountable and preserve the public’s right to know. Now in retirement, I spend much of my time helping elderly or disabled neighbors and running errands for them. It seems like humble work, but I like to think I am still useful for Kingdom purposes.

  11. Ian Bonthron says:

    I can truly say I have lived on both sides of this coin, trying to do things myself to make myself feel better, and then live God’s way. Without a doubt living God’s way is the best way. Without god I wouldn’t be half the man I am today, nor would I still had my marriage. It was him that helped guide me through those rocky times, that I had created, to bring me back to where I needed to be in that full relationship with him. Without him I truly would be nothing. Thank you God.

  12. Daniel says:

    Gods grace is abundantly clear on a daily basis at my job. Working in the hospital puts me in direct contact with those in need. My concerns and suspicions are often correct and make a tremendous difference in the care of a patient. I am often given a ” pat on the back” but I truly believe these moments of success are examples of the holy spirit working through me and with me, allowing me to maximize my God given talents to help those who need it most.

  13. Daniel Offutt says:

    God has allowed me to go though troubles i life to mold to who I am today. Not fun as I went though the struggles ,but later I realized His grace is what got me though them, So now I can say,”I’ve been there” to help other guys.

  14. mac says:

    Praising God, as I am set to retire next month as a public school superintendent. I praise God that it is by him that enable one to stand up under the pressures of this job the past 17 years. It has NOT been by my strength that our school has been able to stand against:
    New Health Standards
    covid masking mandates
    Teacher inappropriate behaviors
    Lack of parenting for so many students.
    God is above goodness, and it is not my strength, but his Grace in me.
    Thank you Jesus

  15. Gerald Waddle says:

    God’s grace is all over my life. It has allowed me to let go and let God show me the way to battle addiction, specifically alcohol. I love to share my testimony with others and point them to the cross. This battle has also showed me that I have a servants heart and that God has given me not only the courage but the ability to help others, especially caring for the elderly. I also intend, once I’m done with school, to help out with a rehab program that my church is starting and cannot wait to help those men out.

  16. Greg Lackey says:

    God’s grace blesses me daily in many ways. It helps me draw joy from the consistent true source instead of from people, places, and things. Although it is a constant challenge to keep focus on that truth, it blesses me oh so much when I keep my eyes on His unbelievable grace.

    • Will says:

      God has blessed me to be able to raise and lead my family in a God honoring path, boldly through grace into an unknown future, and to point to Christ every step of the way.

  17. Mark says:

    God has given me the ability to build and maintain relationships with young people, especially young men. Additionally gifting me with a spirit of encouragement, empathy, understanding and communication. As a counselor working with high school students and troubled students those gifts of his grace are the foundation and skills I use when working with them, often I’m one of the only adults that some will trust – that truly is God at work through me. Finally, as a person who has been delivered by God from an addiction to pornography and sexual immorality, I have, and will always look for opportunities to share that testimony and work with others who are caught in that additive process as well. Just as Cory said, I’d gladly talk with anyone in that battle.

  18. Tom Hayes says:

    God blessed me with release from self centered addictions a number of years ago. It has been my honor and privilege to carry His message to those who still struggle

  19. Cory D says:

    Since I’m considered a recovered alcoholic (whatever that is) I understand man can’t change by his means alone. Believe me I tried to beat the bottle on my own terms and failed. Once I found God’s grace I began the road to recovery. I meet with several men like me and one of the first things I tell them is stop battling and start submitting to the grace of the Lord. I’d be happy to have that conversation with anyone else that wants to stop battling .

  20. Stephen George says:

    My life has been a pursuit for peace of mind to be at ease in my inner self. In so doing I looked everywhere except for the TRUE source of peace. I had no natural abilities to speak of except to show and share my extreme desire to find it. It took me down a lot of dark dead end paths. How I found peace was at the end of my search for it, Peace found me. TheWay put me on the path, TheTruth put my feet on a solid unchanging road now I live in Eternal Life in the Kingdom of the Most High a Kingdom that not only consists of Peace but also Righteousness and Joy in and through the Holy Spirit. It’s now my job to show and share with troubled boys the futility of looking for counterfeit ways to find Peace of mind and direct them by word and deed to the true source.

  21. Eric says:

    I have been landscaping for 28 years now. The knowledge I have learned is truly a gift from God. Now I am realizing I have to mentor my son to hone his gifts. He knows what he wants to do. He is a teenager who “knows everything” but I have failed at teaching him that keeping his mouth shut and asking questions is the best way to learn. P.S. I just learned this yesterday at an open house for a steam locomotive the Pennsy is building.

  22. Tom Fredericks Sr. says:

    Do NOT let this book of the Law depart from your mouth. Meditate on it DAY and NIGHT, so that you may be careful to do EVERYTHING written in it. THEN you will be prosperous and successful. – Joshua 1:8

    Growing in our understanding of the Word is growing in Christ. He is THE Word made flesh for us! Read it, meditate on it, believe it, and apply it.

    Men, we all make time for the things we like or love to do. Let’s make time to honor and obey the greatest commandment from the mouth of Jesus in Matthew 22:36-38.

  23. Donnie Rigazio jr says:

    For6 months now I have been reaching out to Christian men in my circle with 2 devotionals and prayer and encouragement and often times the daily devo. This is how I start all my mornings. It puts my head in Jesus. I have two threads that I put out 20 in one and 15 in the other. It all started with myself and 3 other men. As you see it’s grown to 35 in my threads. That being said , one in the group shares it with 50 other men and another shares it with 20 other men. I never imagined how God would use me to reach these men . Learning this two months ago has encouraged me not to miss a single day or centering up like I do. Praise be to Jesus.

  24. Andy says:

    Humbly accepting what God has given rather than trying to earn it; with good behavior, honed skills, and productivity, seems to be a life long lesson for me. Than you Jesus for the incredible gift.

  25. Jack Dellinger says:

    Vince, thanks for tackling an issue that sometimes I think isn’t very well understood in the church. That grace makes us who we are, that it is us allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us from inside out that sets us apart. I have enjoyed a moderate amount of success in life and I find people extrapolating from my success in life to success in ministry. I see it just the opposite that my success in life came as preparation for success in ministry, part of the life-long transformation process. I find myself hesitant to talk about that a lot because when I do I get the sense that people, even those we label as devout Christians, really don’t “get” what I am saying .

    I need grace to speak this truth more freely and more boldly so that I can enlighten others as you have enlightened me today.

    Good bless you and keep on sharing your gifts with us.

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