You Are Gifted


Therefore it says, “When he ascended on high he led a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men."—Ephesians 4:8

We were all once, captives. Like prisoners in confinement, we were captive because we were captivated by our sin. But in Jesus' ascension, he repurchased all men. Buying us out of captivity, releasing us into freedom. And this freedom comes with gifts—the gift of life, the gift of the Spirit, and the distribution of a gift for each man to be used for the community's edification. Do you know your gift? Are you using this gift? If not, you should—for every time you use this gift, you celebrate your freedom, and God is glorified.

ASK THIS: How does God want to use you?

DO THIS: Use and share your gift with others.

TRY THIS: Not sure what it is? Try a spiritual gift assessment -

PRAY THIS: God, use me to be a message of freedom. Use me to rescue the captives from sin and slavery so that your name will be forever glorified.

PLAY THIS: Rend Collective: Rescuer


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