You Can Do Hard Things


The following night the Lord stood by him and said, "Take courage, for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome." — Acts 23:11

So this is crazy. Paul just got done testifying about Jesus, and then the following night, Jesus shows up. In detention, Paul is lounging in his bed, and Jesus is standing next to him, assuring him that he has done the right thing and he will need to do more of it.

So here is a thought for you today. If you want to see Jesus, then start acting on his behalf. Just start doing what he wants you to do. Don't do what you want to do. Do what he wants you to do. And then let your desires and actions align with his. At first, this is hard because you have desires and actions that don't always align with what he would do. But the more you do it. The more his desire becomes your desire. And as you act, you will see Jesus show up at times, maybe just like he did here for Paul. And when he does show up, he will assure you in those moments that you're questioning what you just did. Do you think Paul wasn't lying in his prison bed thinking to himself — "Maybe I shouldn't have come to Jerusalem?" And then, right at that moment, when he was questioning himself, Jesus shows up and says — "Take courage, I have more for you to do."

ASK THIS: What is Jesus asking you to do today?

DO THIS: Get er' done and do the hard thing.

PRAY THIS: God, help me to lay aside my desires for your desires. And give me the courage to do it as well. Bring on the hard thing.

PLAY THIS: Jennifer Nettles - I Can Do Hard Things.


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You Can Do Hard Things

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12 thoughts on “You Can Do Hard Things

  1. Laura Boerma says:

    Death to SELF ……. The CRUCIBLE……it is no longer I WHO LIVE but JESUS CHRIST inside of me ✝️❤️✝️!!! HOLY SPIRIT get
    My flesh out of the way of what you want
    To do thru me .

  2. Trent says:

    Same thing He has been asking all men. Die….to…..self. But, if I do say so myself, my “self” is one die hard fellar. I have never fought a battle as hard or as long as the battle with self. I am not going into too much detail on open forum but each time I win a battle, I find the war is far from over and there is yet another hill to take. I pray I never lose the will to keep fighting, but the tears filling my eyes are an indication of my lack of confidence or possibly faith. May my weakness be an avenue and a testament to your strength my God and my redeemer.

  3. David McLeod says:

    Again …..Thank you so much for doing this. It seems so often that the devotions are so ” just in time for what what I need.

  4. Stephen Shipley II says:

    Awesome reminder and encouragement since I am dealing with the passing of my dad six months ago. This will be a hard Christmas, obviously it will be the first Christmas with out him and my wife’s dad who passed away 4 months ago. It will be difficult and hard as my wife and I not only lost our dads, my mom her husband and my son his Grandpa, and Papa. So what a great verse to consider.

  5. David L. Trima says:

    If you want to see Jesus, then start acting on his behalf. Just start doing what he wants you to do. Don’t do what you want to do. WOW, This might be the most hard hitting yet. Thank You Vince!!!!!!!!!!

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