You Will Soar


Is it by your understanding that the hawk soars
and spreads his wings toward the south?
Is it at your command that the eagle mounts up
and makes his nest on high?— Job 39:26-27

Today we do understand how these great birds soar. It's by two types of updrafts. The first is called a thermal updraft. These result from the sun producing energy that heats the earth's surface, creating rising warm air. This warm air forms into unseen columns of heat around which these great birds circle and thus soar. So the next time you see a bird circling and rising, you'll know that they are circling a thermal updraft. The second is called orographic updraft. These are a result of winds deflected upward by structures. Wind moves across a structure like a cliff that creates an updraft that allows a bird to soar.

While we might understand how these birds soar, it is not "by our understanding" that they soar. We cannot by sheer mental will make these things happen. We don't will the Sun into existence. Or will the Sun to produce heat. Or will a perfect amount of the Sun's energy to the surface of the Earth. Or will a column of heated air into place. But God can. And from this, God wants us to understand that our understanding is very, very, very, very, very limited. It's is limited to understanding myopic things already created and we have no power to create "by our understanding."

When we don't understand the challenges and obstacles before us, we should trust God more, not less. And rather than exerting so much effort to ploy through or trying so hard to understand, we should trust in the updrafts that God puts before us. Sometimes, while it looks like we are flying into the flame and massive cliffs, God might be providing us with time to soar "by his understanding." An understanding which is always greater than ours.

How do you need to trust God's understanding today? Consider this, share it in the comments below, and then soar by his power and will.

ASK THIS: How do you need to trust God's understanding? (Share this in the comments below)

DO THIS: Trust God, not your own understanding.

PRAY THIS: God, you get it. I don't. I will trust you today. May I soar on wings like eagles!



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16 thoughts on “You Will Soar

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  3. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I am trusting that God has a plan to provide for me and my family through my wife’s income, whether it be at a job that we both dislike, or hopefully, at a new one she seems highly motivated to switch to for less money, but is closer to home and has better work hours.

  4. Alexander Riddle says:

    trusting the Lord to provide and stop doing things in my own strength

  5. Sheldon says:

    My future, some time we can become burden down by the pressures of life and lead us lose sight of the goal. My prayer is that we glance at our problems and fixed our gaze upon Him. The Lord Jesus

  6. David says:

    Every time God lifts me up I fall into the trap of thinking that it was my doing. I pray that God will help me stay close to him and not lean so much on my own understanding. Thank you God for yet another opportunity.

  7. Reggie McGahan says:

    I need to trust God to provide the inner strength i need to overcome the temptation i consistently give in to.

  8. Walter says:

    I need to trust God’s timing, that He will provide me with what I need when I need it. Be patient

  9. EricWhitehead says:

    I am powerless in this season of uncertainty. I trust that the Lord will help show me the correct way and guide me through my self created storm.

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