Is It Really Your Fame?

“And the fame of David went out into all lands, and the Lord brought the fear of him upon all nations.” 1 Chronicles 14:17

Be careful in your reading of these words. While it's easy to assume it was the "fame of David" there is no way the author intends you to understand that David was responsible for the fame he received in exclusion of the God who is the giver of all fame. At all times, God was responsible for the call, appointment, empowerment, anointment, gifts, wisdom, and victories of David. And so for you, one of your great temptations will be to see your call, skills, talents, gifts, and victories as others see them - a complete and total natural act originating only from you. This is never true. They're an act of God and are designed to give praise to God and bring "fear upon the nations." Today give keen attention to your spiritual awareness. You will be tempted to steal credit for something God has done. Don't do this and thus minimize the power of God's work through you. Rather see God working through you and redirect glory and fame to him, the fame giver.

DO THIS: Give glory to the fame giver.

PRAYER: God, you are the focus of my attention today. May you be victorious through me and use all of me for all your purposes.


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