You're Killin' Me


"Present your bodies as a living sacrifice."—Romans 12:1

Paul uses two words in conjunction here that call to mind a morbid and violent image. He's beckoning us to present our bodies as a "living sacrifice." Now people who understand the Old Testament sacrificial system would say there's no such thing as a "living sacrifice." Sacrifices were offered dead, not living. So what's he talking about?

Paul is connecting past imagery to present activity. God has been teaching all humanity about sacrifice since the beginning of time, culminating in the sacrifice of Jesus. And with Jesus Christ, he embossed on our minds the value and meaning of sacrifice. But Paul wants us to understand that we carry the same sacrificial system forward. But now it's not the presentation of dead sacrifices but living sacrifices. It's us living as a sacrifice. The only question is, what sacrifice will you make today?

DO THIS: Make one sacrifice today.

PRAY THIS: God, give me a mind for a single sacrifice, one you want me to make.



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